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Name: Drizz
Plurk: [ profile] lightdrizzel
Other characters played:

Name: Equius Zahhak
Canon: Homestuck
Overview: Sweaty, blue blooded (literally) alien troll with super strength. Likes to make robots and beat them up. Is a terrible rapper, loves horse art, and has a boner for nobility.
Enrollment Status: Transfer student (grade 9)
Species: Troll (Homestuck alien)
AU Overview: Somewhere along the line, the academy came into contact with a race of normally quite vicious alien creatures with multicolored blood. Things went pretty well, all things considered. There were a few slam poetry battles, it was cool. At the end of it all, the Troll race decided to strike up a deal: they would send a few of their kind every now and then to learn at the academy, and the academy would send some kids and the trolls wouldn't murderize them.

All in all it was a pretty solid agreement with the Trolls, really.

That is where Equius comes in. Being a Troll of noble blood, indigo in this case, Equius was an easy choice to send down. Show them that Trolls have oodles of class!

Yup. A great idea.

Naturally, Equius takes to this like a fish to a desert. He's as sweaty and awkward as ever, and being around humans certainly doesn't help. Besides that, he doesn't care much for magic, it's technology and robots all the way. They're the only things that can withstand his super strength. Hopefully nothing gets broken too quickly around him.
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Your name is EQUIUS ZAHHAK.

You are a TROLL from the webcomic HOMESTUCK. D --> You tend to speak in short sentences, without any punctuation other than commas
D --> You do this all while acting noble and being STRONG, plus you never use any 100d language

If anyone is NOT OKAY with this expression of dialogue. Please comment here to let the lowb100d controlling Equius know and said lowb100d will endeavor to stop.

Also this is where others might ask permission to... do thing with Equius. Be sure to comment if that is so and the lowb100d from before will strive to reply to them as soon as possible.

Comments will be SCREENED.
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Your name is DRIZZ. Which obviously isn't your real name, no matter how much you wished it was. You use it though because it sounds COOL, and because you don't like using your real name.

You enjoy ROLEPLAYING as many of your favorite characters from various MEDIAS.

Unfortunately, you tend to still have a few PROBLEMS with your various characters, especially with your EQUIUS muse, who can be quite the problem to fully imitate. This leads to problems with characterization, and possible, accidental godmodding, which you deeply apologize for in advance. Still, you improve and look forward to whatever CONSTRUCTIVE CRITIQUE another MUN might have for you.

Though you are simultaneously afraid of them.

Comments will be SCREENED.


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